Cyber Mentor DoJo Version 2.0!

Cyber Mentor DoJo is now version 2.0 and with it comes a whole bunch of new features and a lot of exciting new possibilities. We can’t wait for you to join!

Due to the change in systems we are unable to migrate the old database of user accounts, and as such you will need to create an account on the new site.. but don’t worry its easier than before.

By signing up at Cyber Mentor DoJo you will be giving back to the community. Version 2.0 is on an entirely new tech stack based on REACTJS and a new database all in the cloud. This will ensure we are able to scale the platform as we continue to grow and add new features.

To sign up to the new platform and continue to help those new to the cyber security industry, click this link and follow the onscreen instructions. Please note Mentors will need to select the “Mentor Signup” option at the bottom. We look forward to welcoming you to the new platform!

The CMD Team

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